The most identifiable form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is Acupuncture which involves inserting fine, sterile needles into acu-points.  The TCM medical and philosophical tradition, informed by centuries of observation and experience, provides a detailed and unique perspective of human structure, function, diagnosis and treatment.

Pathways, known as meridians, form a network, linking the exterior of the body to the interior, through which the vital substances (Qi and blood) circulate.  What’s more there are subtler webs that interconnects the individual body to the environment it inhabits, thus what is without is reflected within and vice versa.  Any obstruction to the natural flow within the web may result in structural, functional and mento-emotional disorders and vice versa.  The smooth flow within the pathways is impacted by physical, environmental and mento-emotional disturbances.

The acu-points are like gateways via which harmony can be restored by regulating the movement of vital substances either through needling or applying pressure.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (FRA)

FRA is a modern application of acupuncture which has become popular over the last few years and has been featured in “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, Good Morning America, the Telegraph and PBS’s Healthweek.

FRA is a complete, non-surgical revitalisation and rejuvenation system that enhances not only the physical appearance, but also improves overall health and well being.  Needling  into points on the face, body and scalp improves local circulation and relaxes tense muscles whilst stimulating lax ones and increasing collagen production.  This leaves fine lines less noticeable, skin more radiant, facial muscles toned and re-balances the whole body.

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