Cupping & Walking Massage


This is a ‘reverse’ massage technique where a vacuum (created using glass or silicon cups) applies negative pressure to the skin, underlying muscles and tissues.  This technique effectively lifts, loosens and releases tension from the treated areas, promotes the free-flow of qi and blood, breaks up accumulations, stimulates lymphatic drainage and facilitates elimination.

Some therapeutic applications of cupping
Pain relief

The application of reverse pressure and the technique of cross fiber massage aids in the release of muscular tension, adhesion’s and trigger points.

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite describes the lumpy, irregular pockets of fat that give the appearance of dimpled skin usually seen around the thighs, hips and buttocks.  It affects women much more than men due to the role of female hormones in the distribution of fat.  The tendency to have cellulite is influenced by diet (coffee, alcohol and reduced water intake) and lifestyle (lack of exercise, smoking), as well as genetics.

 The treatment begins with the application of specially formulated anti-cellulite massage oil followed by suction to the specific areas.

This method results in smoother feeling and firmer looking skin.

 A course of 5-10 treatments is recommended for best results.

Adjunct to Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Improves the complexion by stimulating blood and qi flow, helps tighten and tone by stimulating the skin and underlying tissue and by promoting the elimination of excess fluid.  The very positive effect on the lymphatic system means cupping is especially effective in treating sinus related conditions.

Lymphatic drainage

By applying varying degrees of suction and gentle manipulation of the the cups it is possible to ‘pump’ the lymph, stimulate circulation and facilitate the  movement and elimination of fluids and waste products.  This can relieve swelling, inflammation and discomfort such as those related to rheumatic conditions, vascular problems and sinus issues.

Walking Massage

A unique form of bodywork, used on it’s own or in combination with another therapy such as resistance stretching or acupuncture, where the therapist uses their feet to deeply massage the muscles and meridians. The relief experienced can result in changes to biomechanics, posture, muscular tension and may even result in emotional release.

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