Moving Stretch®

Resistance stretching is a unique way of engaging the muscles whilst stretching.  The foundation of this system of stretching is the fascial network.  This is a body wide ‘web’ of connective tissue that links the internal structures of the body, holding them in patterns determined by posture, thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, injuries, habit as well as genetic predisposition.  These holding patterns are strengthened through repetition.

By creating resistance during a stretch it is possible engage the fascia and change its structure so as to ‘free’ up areas of build up.  This freedom creates space for the body to readjust and rebalance – providing increased flexibility, a lightness of body, improved muscle performance and as the body changes so does the mind.


Classes in self stretching are now running at  logo-header2-for-large-header (click on link to register and book online) on Thursdays 5.30pm-6.30pm.  These classes are aimed at all ages and abilities and are an great introduction to resistance stretching for self-care and maintenance.  Check out the Free Moving Stretch Videos


These are individualised sessions designed to suit your body and your needs.

After an initial postural assessment and discussion of your goals and limitations, a session begins with a walking massage, a bit like a deep tissue massage but with feet!  This warms up the tissue, improves circulation and helps relieve any tension in preparation for stretching.

The second part of a session involves both strengthening and stretching elements.  You will be asked to contract and resist whilst your limbs are moved in very specific ways.  Assisted resistance stretching is an especially good way to reconnect with our bodies as the engagement involved puts you in touch with all aspects of movement from the physical to subtler breathe work and mental attitude.

Assisted stretching is available by appointment in Taunton and Bristol.  Please fill in the contact form to arrange a session or for further information.

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